About GRI

Glasgow Residential Investments

GRI is unique in that we only sell quality investment properties that provide outstanding yields that currently no other investment can provide.

Since approximately 2000 – 2007, the UK and more specifically the Scottish property market grew at a rate that was unsustainable. During these boom years, many people made considerable gains over a very short period of time and in many cases, saw the value of their assets double.

It is a realistic prediction that we may not see growth of this level for many years to come. However, property is still viewed by many as a sensible, solid, long term investment, particuarly given the immediate return it can offer and the value expected to increase over the long term.


Our Services

We are the experts in building high yielding residential property portfolios in the West of Scotland. 

We are able to source, renovate and rent the property prior to you completing  the  purchase which gives all of our investors the peace of mind that they are doing the right thing.   

Our tie in with Edzell Property Management allows our investors confidence that  every aspect of the tenancy is being taken care of.  Edzell is well known for providing the highest levels of service on a month to month basis.    

If you are interested in any of our properties for sale or are looking to discuss buying high yeilding residential properties then please contact us and we will arrange a meeting to discuss the best way forward.

Q –  What do we charge you for our time, expertise and work?  

A – Nothing.     Our fees are met by the vendor of the property which means that all you are required to pay is the purchase price and any associated legal costs.